Our Story

     As a team full of college students, we understand, everyone loves to party but nobody likes the feeling the next morning. The idea of CHASEit came from waking up one morning feeling the effects of drinking the night before and wondering if there was something that could help in any way. Realizing that taking all of those shots and mixed drinks with a combination of high sugar and high calorie energy drinks and soda was not helping, we set out to make our very own drink. Never done before. First of it’s kind. Legend.

    CHASEit aims to fix the 2 major things that nobody can honestly admit to liking- the taste of alcohol and the feeling you get when you wake up the day after a long night out. It was our goal to set out and make the absolute healthiest and best-tasting chaser, all without using a single calorie or gram of sugar. That’s right. Zero. We thought that it was very important to have zero of this because who likes wasting a successful gym session on excess calories during the night. Many people are buying baby dehydration drinks from grocery stores the following morning that are packed with electrolytes in order to recover, but what if you could pregame and drink while using a drink that was packed with even more electrolytes. That was our other goal. We wanted to make a drink full of electrolytes, antioxidants, vitamins as well as incorporating our secret formula of extracts that would be perfect to be used while taking shots and mixing drinks. Enough with the unhealthy energy drinks and sodas, we are in 2018 and it’s time to take care of our bodies.

     We are very excited for you to give CHASEit a shot and become the life of the pregame because you will not regret it. We know. We have lived it. Being in college ourselves, we understand how much fun a pregame can be, but how bad it feels to be dehydrated the next day. We all have stuff to do whether it be homework, getting a gym session in, or meeting that one friend for lunch and we don’t need to be feeling under the weather. We honestly just want to help elevate your drinking experience to a whole new level- one without the dreaded hangover feeling the next morning as well as one that eliminates that sour face you make after taking a shot and chasing it with that random drink your friend brought to the pregame.